Joint Pain and Cold Weather – It’s Real

Stiffness, aches and pains are often associated with changes in weather, especially the falling temperatures of winter.

As a result of the falling temperatures; aches and pains are experienced by many in different parts of their body. The most affected during this season are the hip joints, knee joints and ankle joints. Ultimately it compromises our ease of movement and flexibility and may even result in injury if not taken care of.

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Early Intervention and its Impact on Back and Neck Injury

Back & neck pain are the common causes of movement restriction among youngsters & adults. These are pervasive and is associated with chronic pain and disability. A study reveals that 60-80% of adults and youngsters experience back pain and 20-70% experience neck pain that interferes with their daily routine. In the US, back and neck pain has become a major cause of work disability.

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Joint Pains, Prevention & Physical Therapy Treatments

Over 60% of people in US experience joint pains. It may be a resultant symptom of many conditions like arthritis, sprains or accidents. For people with joint pain, stiffness and arthritis, physical therapy can be a crucial part of symptom management. In physical therapy you will learn different ways to exercise so that it will help you maintain your good range of motion and flexibility.

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