Neck Pain

Neck Pain has become a common health issue. Research shows that two out of every three persons have Neck Pain. Some people experience only Neck Pain or only Shoulder Pain, while others experience pain in both areas. Both ailments require early intervention to prevent chronic, wide-spread issues. Physical Therapy treatment provides safe and effective treatments and preventative techniques to keep you healthy and balanced.

Your neck is made up of vertebrae that extend from the skull and protects the cervical spinal cord. Neck pain is caused by almost similar conditions that cause back pain. Though in most cases the neck pain is due to poor posture, there can be situations like injuries from fall, whiplash that may lead to neck pain. In the case of extreme neck pain, there are chances that the pain might radiate into the arm.

Importance of Early Intervention in Neck Pain

Early intervention of neck pain is the best way to return to a pain-free life. It decreases the chance of injury and optimizes performance as it involves loosening or strengthening the injured region with individually prescribed exercises and techniques.

Physical therapy for neck pain can help reduce most of the problems that occur due to strains and injuries of the neck. The physical therapists at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy provide neck pain early intervention program at their center in NYC .

Causes of Neck Pain

Our daily routine may lead to Neck Pain. Knowing the causes that lead to physical strain can help you prevent them. Some of the several factors that cause neck pain are:

  • Muscle strain or ligament strain
  • Nerve compression
  • Injury or Trauma
  • Cervical Arthritis
  • Referred pain
  • Poor posture
  • Sports injury

In more serious cases, this causes could be from:

  • Abnormalities in the bone or joints
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Tumours

In some cases, Shoulder Pain can result in Neck Pain. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint with a large range of movement. Such a mobile joint tends to be more susceptible to injury. Here are some causes of Shoulder Pain:

  • Strains from overexertion
  • Tendonitis from overuse
  • Shoulder joint instability
  • Dislocation
  • Collar or upper arm bone fractures
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Pinched nerves (also called radiculopathy)

Symptoms of Neck Pain

The symptoms of neck pain include:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Soreness in the shoulders, upper back or neck
  • Weakness in arm or hand
  • Spasms
  • Stiffness in the cervical region
  • Radiating pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck

Steps to Prevent Neck Pain

Sedentary lifestyle and long hours working on computers increase the risk of Neck problems. If ignored, they become severe. A small change in our routine can prevent this Neck Pain. Some of the steps to prevent neck pain are the following:

  • Adjust your computer screen so as to look straight at your monitor
  • Position your computer screen in such a way that the top of the screen comes slightly above or at the eye level.

  • Get up and move around every 20-30 minutes.
  • Sitting in an office chair for long hours can be fatiguing. If you have back, neck or shoulder pain, it’s best to stand up and walk around the office every half hour.

  • Set up the keyboard tray at a comfortable height
  • Ensure the keyboard is set up at a comfortable angle so as not to slump down your shoulders

  • Exercise and stretch your neck
  • Try doing some simple neck exercises while you are at your desk. This won’t take much time and will help reduce the strain on your neck and back.

  • Carry load by distributing it evenly on the body
  • If you carry bags daily, then try to carry the load by distributing it evenly on the body. Carry shoulder bags that support both shoulders.

  • Sleeping posture
  • Maintain correct sleeping posture to prevent unwanted sprains in your Neck.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Neck Pain

Early intervention is recommended for the treatment of Neck Pain. The expert Physical Therapists at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy develop targeted programs to diagnose and treat the causes bringing about relief and healing. We incorporate specific postural neck exercises and stretches to strengthen your structure and keep you balanced. At our Optimum Rehab offices in New York City our skilled and experienced Physical Therapists will help you find the cause and provide neck pain early intervention programs at our clinics on Broadway, NYC.