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Physical Therapy for Injury Prevention

Make Physical Therapy Part of Your Wellness Plan

When it comes to physical therapy, most people think that it is something which is set aside only for persons who are injured. But the truth is, rehabilitation is not the only benefit that physical therapy offers. Physical therapy can be included as part of your overall wellness routine.

Though physical therapists usually work with people who are healing from an injury or with people who need to restore mobility and alignment, they can also help you prevent unnecessary injuries. Physical therapists can help you with instructions for exercises to strengthen muscles, analyze your movement and predict injury risk, address your strength imbalances, all that is required for your optimal physical function.


There are people who come to Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy in NYC even if they are not injured. They treat physical therapy as part of their wellness regimen and as a preventive measure from injuries and to learn what exercises they should follow to keep their bodies safe while they workout or hit the gym. Others come to work on their postures and for overall wellness of their body.


How Physical Therapy Helps you to Prevent Injury

A common question is, why should I meet a physical therapist if I am not injured or in pain? Seeing a physical therapist even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, can be beneficial as it can establish awareness in your movement, and improve your strength, balance, flexibility and body mechanics. Usually, an injury prevention session with your physical therapist can reveal an underlying dysfunction.


If you are considering an intensive training program or are planning to engage in any new sports or activity, it is a good idea to consult with your physical therapist. Taking part in our injury prevention program is ideal for athletes of all age groups. Our physical therapists let you know what exercises or instructions to follow to make your body stay fit, healthy and strong.


Injury prevention program also known as ‘Prehab’, at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy NYC, we focus on the movements of the individual and determine what injuries he or she might be at risk for. Prehab is an individualized program that evolves according to the person’s health and can change with the person’s needs. It focusses mainly on the core strength and involves specific exercises and activities that are required to prevent injuries while actively taking part in recreational activities.


Our physical therapists analyze the imbalances, weaknesses and focus on strengthening and correcting your vulnerable areas. They will also educate on ways to prevent injuries which will ultimately result in increased performance in day to day activities. Contact us now at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy at Wall Street, Upper East Side, or Astoria to schedule an appointment for the injury prevention program. Start your Prehab today!