Rehabilitative Programs to Reduce Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain affects over 80% of the population at some point in their lives and affects their well-being. Back pain is the most common cause of disability these days and a common reason for lost work days. Preventative rehabilitation programs that focus on strengthening the lumbar muscles combined with core stability and proprioception will reduce the incidence of low back pain.

What is Proprioception?

Proprioception has to do with one’s centre of gravity to match your movements. The proprioceptors are sensors that provide information about joint angle, muscle length and muscle tension, which gives the brain information about the position of the limb in space at any given time. Having a highly developed proprioception allows us to have agility and to move through a full range of motion smoothly and confidently.

Benefits of Balance Exercises

Good exercises for proprioception development include activities that challenge balance and equilibrium. Balance exercises help teach your body and brain to control the position of a deficient or injured joint or muscle. These exercises reduce the risk of injury by teaching the body to react appropriately to sudden changes in the environment. A good sense of proprioception is vital for many fitness activities. As a result, these skills reduce your risk of injury and tone the obliques, hips, thighs, gluteal muscles and lower back.

The professionals at Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy at Wall Street, Upper East Side, and Astoria will customize rehabilitative programs and exercises that helps to strengthen your muscles and well suite your current health condition. So, stay strong and stay balanced.