Sports Injuries

Exercising is always recommended to maintain good health, but sometimes you can injure yourself when you play sports or when engaged in exercise activities. Accidents, poor training practices, or improper gear can cause injury. Warming up and stretching can help avoid common injuries.
However, if you do get injured, a Sports Injury can affect your performance, lifestyle, and limit your motion if not treated properly. So, it is always good to seek professional care. We have specialized instructors in sports medicine to treat sports injuries. We are highly trained in applying the latest techniques to deliver the best possible results for healing, strengthening, and re-balancing.

Common Injuries

The most common Sports Injuries are sprains and strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon injuries, pain along the shin bone, rotator cuff injuries, fractures, and dislocations. If left unnoticed it can even affect your performance and range of motion.

Regain your motion

Our specially trained and highly experienced Physical Therapists are experts in the science and medicine related to sports injuries and make use of the most modern technologies to treat a wide variety of Sports Injuries and will help you regain your motion.