Get Balanced and Aligned for the Holidays

Achieve more balance for the holidays

The holiday season is the most joyous time to be spent with your loved ones. Your body knows those little aches and twinges that you experience as you go through your busy days. It’s a good idea to be in your best physical condition when the demands of the holiday season are upon us.

Physical Therapy can get you balanced, aligned and feeling great. By utilizing our advanced diagnostic techniques, we will develop a one-on-one program tailored just for you to get balanced for the holidays. You will experience maximum results in minimum time. And, you’ll receive effective, easy to follow take-home exercises to optimize your efforts.


Optimum Rehab Physical Therapy in Wall Street, Upper East Side, Astoria have expert physical therapists who have years of hands-on experience in providing personalized program that matches each individual’s needs. Contact (646) 886-8687 to schedule an appointment today and make yourself ready for the upcoming holidays.