What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy helps people get back full strength and movement in key parts of the body after an illness or injury. Physical therapy doesn’t just help a person rebuild strength and range of motion, though — it also can help someone manage pain, whether that pain is caused by bad posture, an injury, or a disease like arthritis. When done properly and consistently, physical therapy can help prevent permanent damage and recurring problems.

Most Physical Therapy uses a combination of techniques to relieve pain and boost coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility, and range of motion. Physical therapists (PTs) often ask patients to use exercise equipment like treadmills.

In addition to exercising the affected area, a Physical therapist may also treat it with heat or cold, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and water or whirlpool baths. In many cases, PTs massage injured areas and oversee the patient during stretching routines.

Physical therapists usually give their patients exercises to do at home. These at-home exercises work with the treatments and exercises done in the PT’s office to help a person heal better, faster, and safely.

What to Look for in a Physical Therapist

You’ll want to be sure a physical therapist is qualified to treat you. All PTs must have an advanced degree in Physical Therapy and be licensed by the state to practice. The entry-level degree for a physical therapist is a doctoral degree (DPT).

Make sure that you

  1.  Stick to the plan.
  2. Know your body.
  3. Talk to your PT if you have problems.
  4.  Celebrate your success

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